The Buddy Toss Mod - A Great Mode on Xbox Live Arcade

One of the most typical and enjoyable manners on any Xbox Live Arcade is your buddy toss game, which means you could be wondering how precisely the buddy toss mod was. Well, it seems that when the game to reach the market, many people didn't like the sport itself - it was slow, and didn't actually give you that much rivalry. toss online This is where the buddy toss mod was born - it really took out all the annoying aspects of the original game in favour of giving players more of a struggle and some wonderful custom options too.

If you haven't played this particular game, or haven't had the chance to play with it for yourself, I highly suggest that you do this whenever possible. The excellent thing about this mode is that it supplies lots of and is very addicting. You can literally spend hours playing with it - I can not even begin to tell you just how many friends I have had who've asked me to play with them every single day.


There are plenty of different things that you can do to make the game simpler. For instance, if you are not a good thrower, but are still having difficulty throwing the ball very far, it's possible to just add a little delay to your throws. This can help you greatly in increasing the distance which you throw the ball and will greatly increase your scores too.


Another cool thing the friend toss mod includes is the ability to choose which team you want to play. From the first game, the two teams were red and blue, so you could only play one of both of these teams. This was not that big of a deal, because the other team usually consisted of a couple players and a couple of robots which were constantly spawning around you. But this was a problem for many players since the robots always spawn along with you, which makes it impossible to get them around.

That's why the friend toss mod has been designed to enable you to play as either a robot or as among those other players. As this mode is about competition, it is logical you should have the ability to choose the team that you'd like to play . If you decide to play with a bot, then you are going to be facing a great deal of players that are far better than you at throwing the ball, while being on the other side of a faster speedbot who's looking for an easy score. In the event you decide to play as an individual player, you can just pick the player that you think will serve the finest - they'll even do a little dance for you while they're throwing, simply walking , which will add a bit of excitement into your experience.

All in all, the buddy toss mod is quite addictive. It is very good at increasing the amount of problem in the sport and making it quite challenging, but in addition, it adds a great deal of replayability to the game. That is a huge win for me - if you have friends and you play this mode frequently, you'll discover you could keep coming back and enjoying with it over again for long periods of time.